Last updated: 08-May-2022

Green Card FAQ

Which is a better option, AOS EAD, H4 EAD or H1B?

It depends on your situation. Here are pros and cons.

  • AOS EAD: Easy to renew. You can work 180 days after filing extension. Once you filed extension and EAD is not renewed within 180 days then you have to stop working until USCIS approves EAD.
  • H4 EAD: Easy to renew. You can work 180 days after filing extension but only if I-94 is valid.
  • H1B: Easy to renew and there is no risk. In case H1B gets rejected, then you can switch to AOS EAD.
My EB-3 is denied, what will happen to my EB-2?

If EB-3 is denied, it will not automatically invalidate your EB-2.

Acronyms you should know

  • RD - Received Date
  • PD - Priority Date
  • ND - Notice Date
  • BM - Biometric
  • FP - Finger Print
  • ASC - Application Service Center
  • FO- Field Office
  • SC - Service Center
  • LB - Lockbox
  • EB - Employment Based
  • FB - Family Based
  • SO - Spillover
  • CO - Charlie Openheim
  • FIFO - First in First out
  • LIFO - Last in First out
  • GC - Greencard
  • DQ - Documentarily Qualified
  • ROW - Rest of World
  • RFE - Request for Evidence
  • MTR - Motion to Reconsider
  • FOIA - Freedom of Information Act
  • CSPA - Child Status Protection Act
  • NOID - Notice of Intent to Deny
  • NIW - National Interest Waiver
  • AOS - Adjustment of Status (aka 485)
  • EAD - Employment Authorization Document (aka 765)
  • AP - Advance Parole (aka 131)
  • LIN - Nebraska
  • SRC/ TSC - Texas
  • MSC/NBC - National Benefits

Can I interfile I-485 multiple time?

If the transfer request is granted, the applicant is not permitted to withdraw the request or request transfer of the adjustment application to a third basis at a later time except for possible transfers between the first three employment-based categories.
Ref ( see section: E. Decision on Transfer Request)