Last updated: 01-Feb-2023

Medical Interfile Single Cover Letter for Family

Generate USCIS I-693 Medical Interfile Cover Letter with Barcodes, its FREE!

This tool works locally in your browser, no data is uploaded to the server.

Tool to generate letter for individual applicant is here.

Note: Try generating letter in pdf format before you fill any information. Select no barcodes and click "Generate PDF Letter" button. If it is not generating letter then enable javascript in your browser or try using other browser.


  • Fill all fields.
  • Generate pdf file, review it and sign.
  • Also check barcodes are correct or not using any barcode scanner app.
  • Thats all!

Sample Cover Letters

This form will generate two type of sample cover letters.

Principal Applicant

Derivative Applicant (Spouse)

Select Number of Child Applicants

How many children do you want to add on applicantion?

Supporting Documents

Which photo ID would you like to submit? (select one)

Do you want to send copies of biometrics receipt?

You will need to submit below documents also.

  • Copies of I-797C, USCIS I-485 receipt notice.
  • Sealed I-693 Medical Report signed by the Civil Surgeon.
Photo ID of only Principal applicant is required.

Add Barcodes?

Select if you want to add barcodes to cover letter or not (default option, No)

This will add A Number and I-485 receipt number barcodes.

Note: Principal applicant's USCIS I-485 Receipt Number and A-number are required for printing barcodes.

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