Last updated: 20-June-2022

What is USCIS A-Number (Alien Registration Number) and where can I find it?

An Alien Registration Number ("A-Number", "Alien Number" or "USCIS Number") is a 8 to 9 digit number that USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) uses to identify immigrants who apply permanent residency in the United States. Y

On permanent resident card (green card), you can find Alien Registration Number on the front side. It is also embedded within the characters on the backside of card as well. The A-Number is listed in format “A000-000-000”, your A-Number is the letter “A” followed by 8 or 9 numbers (such as A012345678). USCIS uses A-Number to track immigration files. It is very important number and every immigrant individual gets this number.

You can find your A-Number on below listed documents:

  • Permanent Resident Green Card
  • Employment Authorization Document.
  • Immigrant Visa.
  • I-485 Receipt or approval notice
  • I-131 receipt or approval notice
  • I-140 receipt or approval notice
  • H1B Receipt Notice (some cases)
  • I-797C Notice of Action (some cases)
  • Immigrant Fee Handout
  • Immigrant Data Summary

How do I get an Alien Registration Number (A-Number)?

You don't need to do anything to get A-number. USCIS assigns an A-Number to all immigrants who apply for Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) or immigrant visa.

A-Number on a Green Card

If your Green card is issued after May 10, 2010, then your Alien Registration Number (A-Number) is the same as your nine-digit USCIS# marked in this example:

USCIS A number on Green Card

A-Number on a old Green Card

If your Green Card is issued between 2004 and May 10, 2010, then your Alien Registration Number (A-Number) will appear on your card as shown below:

USCIS A number on Old Green Card

A-Number on I-797C Notice of Action

Your I-797C Notice of Action from USCIS contains your A-Number.

USCIS A number on I-797C Notice of Action

A-Number on an EAD

On Employment Authorization Document (work permit) card. A-Number is listed as “000-000-811” underneath USCIS#.

USCIS A number on EAD Card

A-Number on Immigrant Data Summary

If green card is applied through consular processing (applied for green card at a U.S. embassy or consulate), then it will be on Data Summary stapled to the front of your immigrant visa package. You can find A-Number at the top of the Immigrant Data Summary. USCIS A number on Immigrant Data Summary

A-Number on Immigrant Fee Handout

If green card is applied through consular processing, the immigration officer probably gave you a USCIS Immigrant Fee handout. This document includes your A-Number in the top right corner. USCIS A number on Immigrant Fee Handout

A-Number on Immigrant Visa

You can also find A number on Immigrant Visa.

USCIS A number on Immigrant Visa

A-Number on I-140 Approval Notice

USCIS Alien number on I-140 approval notice.

USCIS A number on I-140 Approval Notice

A-number on H1B Receipt Notice

Normally, the A-Number is not listed on an H-1B receipt notice or approval notice. However, if your employer files H-1B visa for you (typically H-1B extension) after your I-140 is already approved, the receipt notice will have the A-Number. It will be listed under the “BENFICIARY” column, where it will have both your A-Number as well as your name. In such a case, the H-4 visa receipt notice will still not have an A-Number.

USCIS A number on H1B Receipt Notice