What is USCIS A-Number and where can I find it?

An Alien Registration Number (“A-Number”, “Alien Number” or “USCIS Number”) is a 8 to 9 digit number that USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) uses to identify immigrants who apply permanent residency in the United States.

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Where can I find USCIS A-Number (Alien Registration Number)?

On permanent resident card (green card), you can find Alien Registration Number on the front side. It is also embedded within the characters on the backside of card as well. The A-Number is listed in format “A000-000-000”, your A-Number is the letter “A” followed by 8 or 9 numbers (such as A012345678). USCIS uses A-Number to track immigration files. It is very important number and every immigrant individual gets this number.

You can find your A-Number on below listed documents:

  • Permanent Resident Green Card
  • Employment Authorization Document.
  • Immigrant Visa.
  • I-485 Receipt or approval notice
  • I-131 receipt or approval notice
  • I-140 receipt or approval notice
  • H1B Receipt Notice (some cases)
  • I-797C Notice of Action (some cases)
  • Immigrant Fee Handout
  • Immigrant Data Summary

How do I get an Alien Registration Number (A-Number)?

You don’t need to do anything to get A-number. USCIS assigns an A-Number to all immigrants who apply for Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) or immigrant visa.

A-Number on a Green Card

If your Green card is issued after May 10, 2010, then your Alien Registration Number (A-Number) is the same as your nine-digit USCIS# marked in this example:

USCIS A number on Green Card

A-Number on a old Green Card

If your Green Card is issued between 2004 and May 10, 2010, then your Alien Registration Number (A-Number) will appear on your card as shown below:

USCIS A number on Old Green Card

A-Number on I-797C Notice of Action

Your I-797C Notice of Action from USCIS contains your A-Number.

USCIS A number on I-797C Notice of Action

A-Number on an EAD

On Employment Authorization Document (work permit) card. A-Number is listed as “000-000-811” underneath USCIS#.

USCIS A number on EAD Card

A-Number on Immigrant Data Summary

If green card is applied through consular processing (applied for green card at a U.S. embassy or consulate), then it will be on Data Summary stapled to the front of your immigrant visa package. You can find A-Number at the top of the Immigrant Data Summary.

USCIS A number on Immigrant Data Summary

A-Number on Immigrant Fee Handout

If green card is applied through consular processing, the immigration officer probably gave you a USCIS Immigrant Fee handout. This document includes your A-Number in the top right corner.

USCIS A number on Immigrant Fee Handout

A-Number on Immigrant Visa

You can also find A number on Immigrant Visa.

USCIS A number on Immigrant Visa

A-Number on I-140 Approval Notice

USCIS Alien number on I-140 approval notice.

USCIS A number on I-140 Approval Notice

A-number on H1B Receipt Notice

Normally, the A-Number is not listed on an H-1B receipt notice or approval notice. However, if your employer files H-1B visa for you (typically H-1B extension) after your I-140 is already approved, the receipt notice will have the A-Number. It will be listed under the “BENFICIARY” column, where it will have both your A-Number as well as your name. In such a case, the H-4 visa receipt notice will still not have an A-Number.

USCIS A number on H1B Receipt Notice

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