Travel on AP

Once you get AP or EAD/AP combo or AP card, you can travel outside US and come back. You don’t need any visa for the entry into US. Traveling on AP/EAD may change your status in US, check with your attorney before traveling.

AP Travel FAQ

Do I need to inform my attorney before travel?

Yes, better inform attorney and your company HR before traveling. If you face any issues at port of entry, then keep their contact handy.

What documents I should carry for the reentry in US(for Port of Entry)?

Most probably officer in port of entry may not ask these docs. But it's advisable to carry all doc relating to employment and USCIS receipts.

  1. Salary Slip for the last 2 months, including the latest one
  2. Bank statement showing salary being credited to your account
  3. Employment offer letter
  4. Company ID card (if any)
  5. I-485 receipt (Very Important, including dependent)
  6. I-140 approval notice (if your employer has shared with you)
  7. EAD and AP (Very Important, including dependent)
  8. Have your manager or HR phone number handy. In a very rare case, they might contact them to inquire about you. This may happen if they put you for secondary inspection in port of entry
  9. Educational certificate
  10. Previous work experience letter (if any)
  11. Previous L1 / H1B visa 797 approval notice
  12. Your dependent previous L2 / H4 extension approval notice (if dependents are traveling with you)

Which is easy for the travel, visa or AP?

AP is always better for the travel as you don't need to go for a visa stamping. But at port of entry you may have to go twice for the inspection.

Will using an AP document delay my entry into the U.S.?

Travelers using an advance parole document to enter the U.S. may be taken into secondary inspection, where an officer will confirm that s/he has an adjustment of status application pending. The secondary inspection process can be lengthy, and travelers should allow at least two hours for the process to be completed. ref

Will I be issued a new I-94 when I re-enter the U.S. using an AP document?

Yes. When you re-enter the U.S. pursuant to a valid AP document, you will be issued a new I-94 card in either paper or electronic format. If entering the U.S. through an air or seaport, you will be provided with an annotated stamp in your passport and you will be directed to download a copy of your I-94 at If you are entering the U.S. via a land port of entry, you will continue to be issued a paper I-94 card. You will be paroled into the U.S. for a period of up to one year. Thus, your I-94 card will only be valid for a period not to exceed one year from the date of your entry into the U.S. Note that this I-94 expiration date is not relevant for status purposes or AP document validity purposes. Please see the next section regarding maintenance of status while an adjustment of status application is pending with the USCIS. ref

Can I use AP for travel but maintain H1B status?

Yes, you can do that. You need to keep renewing H1B. Discuss with your attorney before taking a decision. Also check

Can I travel abroad while my AP application is pending?

No. Departure from the U.S. while an AP application is pending will result in the abandonment and denial of the application. Discuss with your attorney before traveling.

Can I travel abroad on AP while my H1B application is pending?

It is not recommended to travel when H1B is pending but if you still need to travel then there is a way. Discuss with your attorney for that option.