Green Card Interview Questions

Here is a list of questions asked in an employment based Green Card interview. Normally interview takes around 45min-1hr with family. USCIS may ask for additional documents during this interview. In most cases they will approve green card after interview, but in some cases they may ask for the additional documents.

Table of Content

Documents you should carry

Here is a list of documents you should carry for the interview, in case they ask. This may not be a complete list, but if you think any other documents are important then carry those also.

Take all required documents related to your case.


  • Valid Passport
  • Old Passport with visa + I-94
  • Driver License
  • Birth Certificate (original + copy & certified translation) and affidavits.
  • Marriage certificate and photos
  • SSN
  • Updated resume
  • Know your current and previous addresses.


  • W2 + record of filed taxes (last two years), You can also get transcript from IRS site.
  • Bank statements
  • Joint car loan, joint car registration, joint car/renter’s insurance, joint lease etc
  • I-134, statement of financial assets


  • Interview notice
  • Copy of approved 140
  • Medical exam (I-693) (if required)
  • I20s (if the previous visa was F1)
  • EAD cards (originals and copy)
  • all I-797 notices of approval


  • Employment verification letter
  • Pay Stubs – last 4 months
  • Transcript + certificate (PhD or Masters if applicable)
  • Employment/offer letter(s) describing your duties and responsibilities
  • Completed papers or drafts of papers you have been working on
  • Proof of your submission of papers to journals and copies of the papers
  • Proof you have attended or presented at a conference
  • Any other documentation you can think of to show your continued engagement in the field
  • Patent filing
  • Any other relevant documentation that you have submitted for the I-485.


  • Any other documents which you think are important.

Before interview

  • Take all documents, see above list.
  • Go 30 min before the interview

Interview Process

  • Security check and interview letter Check at office
  • Oath
  • Sign the document which says no attorney present.(if attorney is not present)
  • They may explain about the Priority Date.
  • Take pictures and fingerprints. (Left and Right Index Finger)
  • They may ask if you want to give any new documents (like latest w2, paystubs, I-134, Bank Statements etc)
  • They may take photocopy of DL, EAD Cards and verify passport.
  • Documents review
  • Interview officers are extremely professional and polite, will ask few questions.
  • Expect to finish whole interview process in 45-60min.
  • In some cases, they may ask more questions or cross-check documentation, that will take more time.

Questions for Primary Applicant

  • What is your name, father’s name, date of birth, place of birth, previous addresses, etc.
  • How you first came to the US
  • What is your education and any professional training taken
  • travel history and most recent I-94.
  • Most recent entry into US on what status or first entry into US on what status.
  • They may ask for driver’s license, EAD, passport, all I-797 notices of approval.
  • Letter of employment. (Get this from your HR before the interview)
  • Security questions from the I-485 application, Yes/No questions.
  • Have you got any traffic tickets.
  • Briefly explain the current research
  • What was your research topic during PhD?
  • What was your research topic when you were working in India?
  • Where you got your masters and bachelor degrees?
  • How did you obtained your current job?
  • What does your wife do?
  • Did you meet her family, and where are they now?
  • What do you do? Where do you work? salary?
  • What did you study in India?
  • What did you study in the USA?
  • Job profile.
  • Professional associations

Questions for Spouse

  • How, when and where did you meet your spouse?
  • Where and with whom did your spouse live when you met your spouse?
  • Who lives at your address now?
  • What is your spouse, or cross checking of your spouses information
  • Company name, Date of joining, What do you work as. (In case spouse is working)
  • Date of marriage and place
  • Where and how did you meet?
  • Was it arranged / traditional marriage?
  • What is your educational background?
  • If you get a job in which field you would like to work?
  • Do you have access to the joint bank account?
  • What other proof do you have to show that you both are still living together?
  • How long have you been dating before marriage?
  • Did you meet your husband’s parents and siblings?
  • How many people were invited/attended your marriage?
  • What does your husband do?
  • All I-485 details and yes/no questions
  • They can ask for Marriage album and ask for rituals/ceremonies, wedding, honeymoon, and the trips taken together.

Questions for Children

  • What is your name, DOB?
  • What is the name of your school?
  • How do you like school?
  • Which is your favorite subject?
  • What is your mom and dad’s name?
  • What is your favorite food?

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