AOS AP Renewal Process

AOS applicants can request to renew the AP up to 120 days prior to the expiration date.

Table of Content

USCIS Processing Fees

$0 (Zero USD)

AP (form I-131) Renewal Documents

  1. Complete I-131 form and sign, download and guide is here.
  2. A copy of your current AP
  3. A print-out of your electronic I-94 form - optional
  4. Two identical passport photographs, write A-Number on back of them.
  5. A copy of your I-485 form receipt notice
  6. A copy of a valid government-issued identity document, driver’s license etc
  7. A copy of passport, biographic information pages (normally those are first two and last two)
  8. Form G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance

Generate AP Renewal Cover Letters with barcodes

AP Renewal Documents Order

  1. Two Passport Photos
  2. Cover letter
  3. G-1145 form e-Notification
  4. I-131 form
  5. Copy of current AP
  6. Copy of I-485 Receipt
  7. I-94 copy (Latest) - optional
  8. Passport Biographic Page
  9. Driver’s license

Write “A-number” and “I-131 application” on the envelope and put documents in the same envelope.

If you are applying for a spouse/kids, DO NOT put applications of all individuals in one envelope and make different envelopes per individual applicant.

Don't staple documents, use binder clip (smallest 0.6-inch clip) or paper clip.

Mailing Address

If you are applying for stand-alone AP (i.e. without renewing EAD) the address is available here. Look for “Applicants with a pending Form I-485”.

AP Renewal FAQ

Can I renew AP myself or do I need attorney for this?

You can do it yourself, you don't need attorney for filing. But if your company is offering attorney help, then go for that.

How long is AP valid for?

Now·a·days card is given with 5 year validity, but previously it was 1 or 2 year.

Can I travel when Advance Parole (AP) is pending?

NO, As per USCIS policy departing the U.S. while an Advance Parole application is pending can result in abandonment and denial of the I-131 application.

Can I travel when Advance Parole (AP) renewal is pending?

Yes for Emergency Travel. if individual has an approved advance parole document while a second one is pending. Individuals may travel on the approved advanced parole document, provided the document is valid for the entire duration of the time abroad. The pending Form I-131 will not be considered abandoned in this situation. Check USCIS Ref

for more AP FAQ, check this link.