How to find visa number on US visa

The visa number, also called the visa foil number, is usually printed at the bottom right side of the visa stamp in a red color. US visa number consists of eight numeric characters. However, it may begin with one letter, followed by seven numbers. The number is randomly generated, and it does not have any meaning.

Example visa numbers: 87654321 or A0001234.

Location of the US Visa number

Here is example which shows visa number.

Immigrant Visa Number

Visa number validity

The validity of a visa number depends on the type of visa. If the visa is granted as a nonimmigrant visa, then the visa number is valid only until the expiration of the petition. If a visa is granted for a Green Card, then the number is permanent and will never change.

Other information on Visa

US visa also contains following information besides the visa number:

  • Issuing Port Name – U.S. embassy location from where the visa is issued.
  • Visa Holder’s Last name
  • Visa Holder’s First Name
  • Sex – indicates the gender of the person as F (female) or M (male)
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number
  • Visa type/Class – indicates the type of visa, example H1B, B1/B2, K-1
  • Entries – S for single entry and M for multiple entries, It indicates the number of times visa can be used to enter US.
  • Issuing Date – visa issue date
  • Expiration Date – visa expiry date. you cannot enter US after this date.
  • Annotations – notes by the US embassy. example: name of your spouse, or employer etc.

How to get a US Visa Number?

Visa number will be printed on the visa, and there is no need to apply for it separately. To get a visa, you must apply for a US visa. Once the US Embassy approves your application, you can go for a visa stamping. Here is the normal procedure:

  • Apply for a US visa
  • Keep ready medical records, identification, income documents, etc.
  • Attend a visa interview
  • US Embassy will take the decision to approve or reject
  • After approval, you will receive a visa-stamped passport; Visa number will be on it.

What is Immigrant Visa Number?

Immigrant visa numbers are different from nonimmigrant visa numbers. Immigrant visa number is provided for the Green Card. USCIS gives only a certain number of Green Cards every year. If a Green Card application is approved, it is not guaranteed that a visa number will be allocated. This is the reason there is a backlog for Green Cards. People from countries like India wait for more than 10 years to get their Green Card in the employment-based category. Family-based immigrant visa numbers are easy to get as availability is higher compared to employment-based category.

What is Nonimmigrant Visa Number?

USCIS issues nonimmigrant visas for foreign nationals who are visiting the US for a short duration, example: work, study, tourism. It is granted only for a temporary stay in the US.