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Request for Evidence (RFE) is a letter sent by the USCIS officer after reviewing your case, asking for additional information that is required to proceed with your application or petition. The RFE letter from the USCIS will state each of the areas where information or evidence is lacking. You must respond to RFE otherwise your case will not proceed. The letter will also have deadline to respond.

You can use this cover letter for medical, birth certificate, missing or incomplete forms etc RFE.

Cover letter is not mandatory for the RFE but it is better to send, you can mention documents you sent with the RFE letter. It will be easy for the USCIS officer.

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Note: Try generating letter in pdf format before you fill any information. Select no barcodes and click "Generate PDF Letter" button. If it is not generating letter then enable javascript in your browser or try using other browser.


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